Adamo and Vicci are one of Europe's most sought after blues teaching couples. Based in London where they teach weekly classes; run The Down and Outs blues performance troupe; and manage Blues at The Ritzy, a buzzing monthly blues social. They are also co-organizers of Espanish Blues Festival in Madrid along with dear friends Alba Mengual and Gaston Fernandez.
Adamo and Vicci have an incredible chemistry on the dance floor, bringing intensity, elegance and musicality to the dance. Their passion for blues is evident in their inspiring classes, giving dynamic and energetic lessons with a focus on creativity, communication and connection within the partnership, developing a relationship with the music, and encouraging dancers to find their own blues voice.
Both trained teachers, Vicci and Adamo love to create new and intuitive ways to communicate technical concepts to their students. Their lessons are interactive and interdisciplinary involving drawing, discussions, giant elastic bands and even chopsticks!!!
They believe your body is a musical instrument and your dancing is the music you play, and will help you to discover the way your body moves in a whole new light. By watching them dance, or joining their classes you will learn to really 'feel' the blues!
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