Music enthusiast from an early age, Stefano approaches African-American rhythms initially through Capoeria, Hip Hop and Reggae. After going through different experiences with couple dancing, he starts dancing Boogie Woogie and singing in a band, "The Chicless", thus increasing his knowledge about music of the 40s and 50s. A jump further back in the past, in the late 20s and in the 30s, allows him to find out about Jazz and Swing and to start his journey through Lindy Hop, a dance that allows him to perfectly blend his passion for music and dance. 
His Lindy Hop training passes through workshops and international events such as the "Herrang Dance Camp", the "Swingjammerz Festival", the "European Swing Dance Championship", the "GSDF", just to name a few. He keeps training and looking for his personal style by studying with teachers such as JB Mino and Tatiana Udry, Thomas blacharz, Alice May, Max Pitruzzella, Annie Trudeau, Dax Hock and Sarah Breck. 
Together with Giulia he gives birth to the "Dusty Jazz" association, where he works as a teacher, performer, musician and organiser of events. 
He reached the Finals in the Italian Lindy Hop Cup in 2014, winning the first leg in Milan, together with Giulia Cicerale.
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