Mirjam started dancing 2007. At that time it was all about Lindy hop. During the years Mirjam has been teaching Lindy and jazz regularly in Stockholm and also internationally. Iceland, San Francisco and Malaysia are some examples. 2016 Mirjam coupled up with Gio Olla and got into Balboa. Mirjams passion is about finding the great combination of expressing her musicality in a connecting way with her partner.
This is what you will get in class together with a high technic and athletic focus! Mirjam pushes the students to reach their highest level and you will notice her high energy and playfulness both in class and on the dance floor. Mirjam and Gio won the strictly balboa competition at Snowball 2016, as their very first competition together. Mirjam enjoys being on stage a well as in class with the students! In every moment you tries to learn something and improve her own dancing as well!

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