Always fascinated by vintage atmosphere and music, Giulia encounters dance through her studies in theatre. Before discovering Lindy Hop, she studied other couple dances, like Argentine Tango. She started dancing Lindy Hop in the lively Spanish scene, particularly in Valencia, where she lived for nine months. It was love at first sight with Lindy Hop... because she was fascinated by the opportunity to explore, in this soulful dance, all the connections with her experience at the theatre.
Ever since she has been studying and refining her training with Stefano, touring Europe in order to get better and better, looking for her own style at international festivals such as: the Herrang Dance Camp, the Swingjammerz Festival, the European Swing Dance Championship, GSDF, studying with teachers such as (just to name a few) JB Mino&Tatiana Udry, Thomas Blacharz, Alice May, Max Pitruzzella, Annie Trudeau, Dax Hock and Sarah Breck. 
Together with Stefano she gives birth to the "Dusty Jazz" association, where she works as a teacher, performer, choreographer and organiser of events. 
She reached the Finals in the Italian Lindy Hop Cup in 2014, winning the first leg in Milan together with Stefano Tertulliani.
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