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for Swing Upon A Time

Authentic Jazz

Beginner / Intermediate

You know the Shim-Sham. You are comfortable with the basic authentic jazz steps: Shorty-George, Suzie-Q, Applejacks, Charleston ’20s...
The teaching will start off and focus on a lot of basic rhythms, steps and doable combinations, as well as touch base with some of the basic routines.

Intermediate / Advanced

Dancers on this level should be able to somehow understand and speak the physical language of swing, and be familiar with lots of traditional solo jazz steps and routines (Shim-Sham, Tranky-Doo, Big Apple).
The program in general will focus on elements around improvisation and development of sensitivity in connection to the music.

Lindy Hop

Beginner / Intermediate

You've attended at least 1 year of Lindy Hop classes. You know the basics of 6 and 8 counts and you've been taught the fundamentals of leading and following.
On social dance floors you know how to do a Swing Out, Circle and what a Lindy Turn is. You are also familiar with Lindy Charleston basics.
If you know what we're talking about then this is the right level for you!


You've been dancing Lindy Hop for at least two years, you attend a weekly class , you participate in social dances quite often and you've already been at a Lindy Hop dance camp.
You are very comfortable with Swing Out, Circle, Lindy Turn and Texas Tommy and so on. You also know Lindy Charleston steps quite well. You understand concepts such as connection and musicality.
If this description sounds like you, well, this is your level!
Instead, if you don't recognize yourself in the above description, we suggest you take the beginner/intermediate level to quickly improve your dancing skills!

Intermediate / Advanced

You've been dancing Lindy Hop for at least three years, you are almost always on the dance floor. You’ve attended Intermediate classes at international camps.
You are at ease with all basic moves, and you add variations to your dance.
Following/leading is no longer an issue, you know how to handle a social dance and you can improvise during a song.
If all that matches with your level, you are in the right place!


You've been dancing Lindy Hop for at least four years, you are always on the dance floor, even abroad.
You’ve attended various camps, in the higher classes.
You know tons of moves and you do variations in Lindy and in Lindy Charleston.
You are no stranger to authentic jazz steps during your dancing, and you do variations. You have a personal style characterized by the interpretation of the music. You are at ease with fast and slow songs.
Is this you?


The invitational level is not a real level. Teachers choose the participants of this course according to the programme of the course.