from friday, february 9
to sunday, february 11

Just Swing It!

Bologna Swing Dance Festival


After a long break we are happy to announce the second edition of "Just Swing It!"...

Are you wondering what we have prepared for you??? There you go:

* THREE days of workshops of Lindy Hop Harlem Roots, Blues and Balboa with international teachers!

* TWO parties on friday and saturday nights and ONE sunday dancing aperitive!

* LIVE BAND and DJS that will take all your energy away after crazy dancing till dawn!


There you go with our super line up of teachers:

* Mimmi & Fredrik
* Gabriella & Rikard
* Isabella & Pontus
* Vicci & Adamo
* Mirjam & Gio
* Fancy & Nejc

...and our super bands:
* Hornsgatan Ramblers
* Shirt Tail Stompers
* Stefano Ronchi



Make sure to arrive a bit in advance to register for the festival and collect all the necessary material, this is the registration schedule:

from 1 pm to 4.15 pm at Almadanza
from 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm at Estragon

from 9:30 am to 4.50 pm at Almadanza
from 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm at Estragon



Before registering for the workshop, please read carefully the level description. If you are a Swing Dance Society student, your suggested level is the same for which you are enrolled for weekly classes in 2017/18. If you wish to register to a different level, ask your teachers for advices first.
In any case, there will be an audition for all levels, with the exclusion of Beginners. The audition will take place on saturday during the first hour of classes, in the level you have chosen. If at the end of the class the teachers will consider appropriate to move you to a different level, you will mandatorily have to change it.

event reserved to Swing Dance Society A.S.D. members.

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