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who are we?

our mission

What is
Swing Dance Society ?

Swing Dance Society is a project that aims to create a community of people in Italy, through dance and music.
Our dream comes from a shared passion, the desire to spread and promote a healthy way to gather people together and socialise with those who share the same philosophy.
Taking part in competitions or earning money via dancing shows is not part of our dance philosophy. What moves our feet is the great desire to get as many people as possible to fall in love with the dance we practice and join in.
Therefore this is why our main goal is to set up a network of contacts in order to help people make their dance wishes come true!

Swing Dance Society is a way.
It's a way of doing.
It's a way of doing "things"...

Our Goals

The "things" that the Swing Dance Society focus on are the following three:

  • suggest effective methods to learn basic techniques of swing dances in their authentic forms,

  • offer the lovers of "this world" the chance to experience swing by organizing events. For this reason we take great care in selecting our live music,

  • never forgetting the origin and roots of LINDY HOP and swing. Constantly wanting to enhance and spread the history of these dances.

Who can join in ?

Everyone who shares the same ideals and the same way of working.
Swing dance Society is an open minded organisation focused on the daily seeking of new Lindy Hoppers’ communities wanting to join us.
Joining the Swing Dance Society is only possible by invitation, but if you think you have the right requirements to join, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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